Do you plan to repair your apartment, house or to build your house?


We provide professional repair and construction services in Poland and Germany and other countries of the European Union. We are a team of trusted professionals, for whom customer satisfaction is always in the first place.


We are betting on the quality, reliability, punctuality of performed work. The order is made taking into account the individual approach to each client. Thanks to our experience, we are ready to provide professional services, advice on the choice of construction materials.

What makes us different?

Check us. We offer free evaluation. Just call us +48 510 419 129, or send an e-mail indicating information (previous measures, codes due to the catalog, expenses), about work on

Relatively low price

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We guarantee the performance of work by specialists of the highest class. We always set ourselves very high goals and we want the service provided by us to be aesthetically attractive and comprehensive.

We have a wide range of professionals (specialists), so we can match the size and quantity of the brigade, in such a way as to ensure the optimal time of the project.


We are interested in cooperating with investors, owners and also we cooperate with reliable contractors. Our company has brigades of 3 and 5 persons (if its is necessary – more than 15 persons) with specialties: steel fixer, carpenter, painter, plasterer, tiler, house painter-decorator, master of pavement placement, welder, electrician.


Join a bunch

of satisfied customers!

We have more than 8 years of experience and a wide range of satisfied customers.

High accuracy


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